Look no further for the ideal partner

At Eurotec, customers are the top priority. We support them by looking for fast, customized solutions for every requirement thanks to an in-house team of specialized professionals with more than thirty years of experience in the industry.

Delivery throughout Italy in 24 hours

The most extensive range of ñ products distributed throughout Italy in less than a day. 
Flexibility and speed are two essential aspects of our logistics making us the ideal partner. The shipping process is managed entirely in-house which makes for an efficient system where orders are fulfilled swiftly and products are wrapped with great care.

  • 12,420 items in the range
  • 97% of material available in stock for immediate shipping thanks to a dedicated warehouse
  • Flexible, well-trained staff

Eurotec for Italy

The best Italian distribution network at your service.

Eurotec S.r.l.
Bologna - Italy

+39 0516509011
C.F. 04248540371 / VAT N. IT01787371200

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